Bindery and Finishing

Our bindery department is equipped to give consistent, professional attention to each job. From trimming to folding to binding to packaging, our team knows that attention to every detail is what makes your high quality job come out right.

Binding: Our Bindery team puts it all together… literally. Perfect “hinge-scored” binding, saddle-stitch binding, wire-O binding, 3-ring binding, or any other way you want to hold it all together. Whether binding one book or a thousand, you can be assured that every piece will be bound like a masterpiece.

Die-cutting, Foil Stamping and Embossing: To give that special look and feel to a printed job, die-cutting, foil stamping and embossing can be that extra special final touch that makes a job from ordinary to extraordinary. With our trade partners, your job can achieve the quality, professional look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Kitting / Assembly: If your projects require any type of kitting or assembly, we provide complete in-house services as well. We'll partner with you, to manage your desired outcomes long-term - whatever they are - pre-printed items in inventory, inherited items from other vendors or newly-printed personalized pieces from our production floor. Assembled items can then be stored for inventory or readied for quick distribution. It's just one more one-stop-shop solution - and you can expect more from Printing and Graphic Services total project management services.

Printing and Graphic Services Printing – where you can… expect more!

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