Direct Mail

Expect more... No matter how nice your finished piece looks, it does you no good sitting boxed in your office, warehouse or basement. Let our direct mail team get your message where it needs to be…into your customer's hands.

Database Management and Mail Merge / Personalization
we are living in the information age where more than ever, knowledge is power. By combining your database information - customer names, areas of interest, demographics, and more - we can tailor design print communications to reach one of your customers or one million of your customers with targeted communications. Expect better return on your investment.

Inserting, Wafer Sealing and Mail AutomationNobody wants to stuff and lick whether 100 or 10000 envelopes. Using the latest technology, we can insert personalized correspondence into envelopes, seal, and address and pre-sort your mailings. This not only saves you time, but also money. Our experts know what the Post Office will accept and what they will not. At Printing and Graphic Services we will make sure your message looks great and reaches its intended recipient on time and on budget.

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